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Monday, 18 February 2013

New Clear Stamps

I normally reserve Fridays on the Design Team blog to announce new stamps and our Stamp of the Week, but this week it just didn't happen... it's a long story which you can read over on my own blog,

Meanwhile, click on the image above to get the details of the gorgeous new clear Edges stamps we've just launched.  Here's a little taste of what you can do with them.

I am also late picking a winner for the new spring stamps, so I am going to do that this coming Friday.  And if you were wondering, our Stamp of the Week this week is With Sympathy - more versatile than it sounds, it can also be used for Easter, christenings and confirmations.  I also think the crosses are just elegant design elements in their own right.

I've interrupted the blogging to bring you this post so please scroll down to check out today's other post from Claire featuring the new Landscape Edges.


  1. These are really beautiful! I will have to treat myself !

  2. These stamps look great Glenda and very versatile too

    Jackie x

  3. Take care of yourself Glenda. Love that bright tag - it certainly carries a very wise message.
    Paula (PEP)


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