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Saturday, 19 August 2017

Blue and White Baroque Tiles card (by Anne)

Good morning. This was one of my recent show samples using the Baroque Corners stamp set. I built up a pattern using the large and small corners in Blue & white, reminiscent of vintage tiles.

How to make it:
  1. Stamp the large corner stamp onto each of the 4 corners of the card blank. It is easiest to turn your card 90 degrees between stamping. An acrylic block with grid markings also helps to align the stamp straight with the edge of the card. I used the Tim Holtz stamping platform which made the pattern stamping really easy. Simply stamped, turned the card on the platform (butting it up against the platform ridges) and stamped again. It is not essential to use a stamping platform or alignment tool but it does make it so easy and quick. No hovering and aiming.
  2. Edge the card with blue marker to frame and draw faux stitching with the fine tipped pen.
  3. Trim the next panel to 13cm square and stamp using the smaller corner stamp. Add the faux stitching and layer onto the dark blue card. Glue to the card front with foam pads for added dimension.
  4. Trim the next panel to 11.5cm and stamp the small corner stamp into the centre. It may help to draw pencil cross hairs to help alignment. The little sticky out swirls also help you see where you are going and help align the stamps square.
  5. Stamp the sentiment into the space in the middle. This is quite easy to align with the clear stamp. Trim off the corners (at 45 degrees) to create the octagonal shape. Note: not all the sides are equal, 4 sides are a little shorter than the other 4. Add the faux stitching and mount onto blue card. Attach to the card front with foam pads.


  1. Wow, what a beautiful card, I love this stamp. Janny

  2. Amazing card!!! Love how you used that corner stamps to make the tiles!! So clever and elegant!

  3. This is so elegant Anne and works really well with the large corners on the outside and then the smaller one used to make the shape in the centre. So simple and effective, and love the stitching too. x

  4. Beautiful card, highlights the fabulous detail on those stamps.

  5. Absolutely stunning Anne, you so these Delft projects brilliantly, this beautifully designed, kate x

  6. Stunning card Anne, love the Delft effect - and you made it sound so easy! (Guess who is still getting to grips with a stamping press.....)

  7. highlights the fabulous detail on those stamps.



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