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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Honeysuckle Bouquet (by Lesley)

Today's technique makes a great border or can be used as the main feature of your card and is ideal for batch card making. I have given full instructions on how to make this so be prepared for a slightly longer read.
  1. Start with a piece of bright white stamping card and lay down on to your craft mat in the portrait position.  Tear a piece of 2" wide low tack masking tape longer than the width of the card and then tear a ragged edge lengthways down one side. Fix across bottom edge of the card. Repeat the process with another peiece of masking tape and position across the card approximately 2" above the first piece, with the torn edge facing the torn edge of the first piece.
  2. Use either a soft brush or Cut 'n Dry foam and Adirondack Sunshine Yellow ink to colour between the two masking strips. Start from the left hand edge and work towards the middle. Repeat again, this time using Adirondack Sunset Orange and work from the right towards the middle. Keep adding either or both colours until you are happy with the result, but don't go too dark.
  3. Ink up the main image from the Honeysuckle Butterfly stamp set with Archival Orange Blossom ink and stamp repeatedly across the middle panel, reinking each time, to create a pleasing pattern. Remember to stamp at different angles to make the pattern more random. Allow to dry.
  4. Next use a piece of Cut 'n Dry foam and pick up a small amout of Distress Rusty Hinge ink. Work from the masking tape to where it meets the card and gently apply colour to give a shaded effect. Repeat on the other masked edge.
  5. Carefully remove each strip of tape, remembering that any ink on the masking tape will remain wet so be careful not to transfer this to your card.
  6. Take a fine paint brush, dip into water, tap off excess onto a piece of ktichen roll and start to 'paint' over several of the flower petals and leaves, blotting with the kitchen roll as you go. Introducing the water to the dye based ink will 'loosen' it and allow you to remove colour from various areas of the image to form highlights. You can do as much or as little of this process as you wish. Don't add too much water or you will spoil the top surface of the card. Working a little at a time is best.
  7. When the card is completely dry add accents to the images use toning coloured pencils, again how much you do is down to personal preference.
  8. Next use a darker pencil to shade along each edge of the panel until it starts to 'pop' off the card. This type of shading will give a dimensional effect to your panel. Stamp the sentiment from Mackintosh Sentiments with Orange Blossom ink.
  9. Finally score across the card, fold and trim off excess - I scored this card at approx 4.5".
This kind of panel can be used down the side of your card, as well as across and it looks fabulous as a background strip on which you could add a topper. Alternatively you could create several panels out of one piece of A4 card, cut them out and keep them to use in future projects.

Thanks for dropping in and don't forget there is a different piece of artwork every day from our talented Design Team.  Why not make it a regular in your diary so that you don't miss out on their creative ideas.


  1. Lovely! Ages since I used this idea but I'll be playing again on my return from holiday :-)


  2. love this Lesley - have often done this, but never thought to add pencil round the edges, really does make it pop!

  3. Wonderful card, thanks for the inspiration

  4. Gorgeous - thanks for the detailed tutorial, definitely a must-try :)

  5. I've used this idea before, but not with the pencils. It makes a lot of difference, I shall be trying next time I make a card like this.

    Sue xx

  6. This idea is new to me. I most definitely give it a try sometime as it is very effective

  7. Stunning card Lesley. Love the intrigue you have created using just part of the image.
    Flo x

  8. Great idea and striking card.

  9. This is a lovely card, thank you for sharing how you made it
    Jackie x

  10. This is a beautiful CAS card and I love the colours, so summery and bright. The shading is lovely and really adds dimension. x

  11. beautiful effect Shirley - this looks really pretty xx

  12. This is beautiful Lesley, love the colour and great step by step too.
    Linda xxx

  13. Thank you for such a clear tutorial. I always like the effect of tone-on-tone & this is particularly effective with the shading that you achieved for the central strip has a distinctly dimensional rounded look about it. The warm oranges contrast beautifully with the crisp white & I particualry like the clean lines of the whole design.
    Paula (PEP)

  14. I never think to do this technique and part of that has been because ones that I have seen have never looked as good as yours. Must try this out myself and I am thinking it would be great for batch making of Christmas cards - as you could use lovely snowflake stamps! Once again fabulous inspiration and a wonderful tutorial - thank you so much! Karen x

  15. Great to do monochroom with this technique; beautiful result!

  16. Great card Lesley great technique , beautiful colours and stamping !!!Thanks for the idea!!



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