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Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Chocolate Baroque Reader's Gallery- Our Monthly Roundup

Hello everyone, it is time for our monthly wander around the airwaves, looking at what you, our readers, have been creating with Chocolate Baroque stamps this month. We love to see what you create with the vast range of wonderful images, and this monthly post gives you a chance to step into the spotlight for a brief moment, and share your creativity. We hope that you enjoy what we have managed to find on this month's journey through Blogland, Pinterest and Facebook.

This month on our very own Chocolate Baroque Facebook Group, there was a decidedly floral theme going on. Hopefully, this will banish some of the gloomy weather!

Kate Currie:

Diny Sprakel:

Akkina van Steen:

Marga Dounen:

Found around Blogland:

Found on the Chocoloate Baroque Ning Group, as part of the monthly Rainbow bunting swap, a couple of sets of bunting that caught our eye, firstly from Sue Tossell:
Another pretty set from Jean Straw:

We hope that you have enjoyed this month's selection of  artwork, and that it might have inspired you to get your stamps out and have a bit of creative time. We would love to share more of your artwork each month, and if you would like to forward your photos directly to us, because you do not have a blog, or have access to the Facebook group, then please email a good quality photograph, along with your name to Lesley, on We can then upload the pictures to the gallery for you. Please do not be shy, as we would really love to share more of your projects with everyone. We will be back next month with another selection of artwork, so keep posting your photos, and let us know what you are creating.


  1. Some very talented people there, lovely cards.
    My favourite is the card by Shirley Deatcher, this is just gorgeous, just wish I could be so creative!

  2. All the cards so beautiful 💖

  3. All the cards so beautiful 💖

  4. Mein Kompliment!
    Eine tolle Karten-Auswahl.
    BRAVO !


  5. Indeed, all beautiful cards. Greetings Janny

  6. Great inspiration brought together! Some already spotted and some new...

  7. Fabulous creations and thank you for showing! x

  8. What an array of gorgeous creations, the colours and images are wonderful, I couldn't possibly choose a favourite as each and every one is stunning. Fantastic inspiration, Kate x

  9. amazing makes - and thankyou so much for showing mine! Hugs rachel x

  10. More fabulous works of art, what talent there is out there :)


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