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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Chocolate Baroque Reader's Gallery- You are Inspirational!

Hello everyone, it is time for our monthly visit around the Internet, looking at your artwork, stopping off at the Chocolate Baroque Facebook Group, Blogland, and Pinterest, to see what you have been creating in the past month. We love to see what you have been getting up to, creatively speaking, and to share your projects on the Design Team Blog for this brief moment in time. We hope that you will enjoy what we have found on our travels this time around.

From the Chocolate Baroque Facebook Group:

Marga Dounen:

Akkina van Steen:
Ballie Swanen:
Corine van Kuilenburg:
Deb Lewis:
Sharon Traynor:
Regina de Koning:
It has been great to have some new members contributing this month, so keep up the good work, and hopefully, we will see a few more of you!

From Blogland:

This can be found on the shop blog too.

We hope that you have enjoyed this month's colourful selection of artwork, and that it might inspire you to create something yourself. We would really love to share more of your artwork each month, and if you would like to forward your photos directly to us, because you do not have a blog, or have access to the Facebook Group, then please email a good quality photograph, along with your name to Lesley on We can then upload the pictures to the gallery for you. Please do not be shy, as we would really love to share more of your projects with everyone. We will be back next month with another selection of artwork, so keep posting your photos, and let us know what you are creating.


  1. Stunning creations, each and every one xx Zoe xx

  2. A really beautiful selection of cards! x

  3. Great work by everyone, this is really beautiful!! Coco x

  4. Beautiful selection of cards, very talented crafters indeed, Kate x

  5. Some great art - as always :)


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