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Thursday, 24 May 2012

The Haberdashery

I love little shops like this, that are so cozy and warm when you walk in.  There's a little dog to greet you, whose favorite place to chew on his bone is under the Elephant Ear Philadendron.  Everything is in it's place, and there's always a "Special" going on.  Today it's scissor sharpening!  Only $5 per pair!
The stucco on the front of the building even has a "lacey" look and feel to it
This effect was made by using a lace stamp from the Chocolate Baroque set Lace Fragments.
The Store Front - complete with pins in the
pin cushion!  With thimble flower pots,
and a scissor easel, tape measure
for a hours of operation sign, lace
wallpaper, and buttons for flower centers.

The hours of operation sign is hanging on the door, and at
closing time, the proprietor will turn the sign around.  Here's the
"Special of the day!"  I love that blue striped wainscoat wallpaper.
For the window and door, I used one of the
Spellbinders plastic containers that
some dies came in.  The door knob is a brad.
There's a stool right there by the window,
if you'd like a seat. 
Please note the wallpaper border,
and be aware of the exit, just in case...
Bone-chewing in the shade,
but still wary and on guard.

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  1. wow how i love this!! just stunning! love all the detail and the little dog so cute!!!

  2. This is stunning Clare, what a great idea to make a shop with all of those fantastic stamps on this sheet. I love it.

    Sue x

  3. Wow Clare this is fantastic there is so much detail in it

    Jackie x

  4. This is a real work of ART, I really like it, but it' difficult to make, you need a lot of different stamps, but it is really wonderfull, great work!!!


  5. Hi I just wanted to stop by your blog and thank you for the wonderful ATC that I received from Terri Heinz in the Downton Abbey Swap. I look forward to next season and I hope Terri can host another swap of this theme, maybe 3rd season. Have a great weekend and I hope you will be able to stop by and visit my post of the swap. Hugs Marilou

  6. Wow!
    Eine fantastische und großartige Arbeit mit vielen Ideen. Super!

  7. this is really gorgeous work Clare. The habedashery is super and beautiful.
    Lovely greet

  8. This is a delightful story in a beatifully crafted scenario. It really made me smile today.
    Paula (PEP)


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