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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Getting ready for Christmas

I know it's far too early for many people, myself included if I'm honest, but we have just launched two fantastic Christmas stamp sets.  If you are one of the many who make cards for yourself, for charity or school fundraising, or even to sell, then you will be all too aware that you can never start too soon.

I hope these delicious designs give your creativity a boost and get you in the mood for some Christmas crafting.

First up we have Christmas Creatures. When I first revealed this on our weekly chat, there were choruses of "ooh, the owls" from which I infer that owls are as popular as ever!  I've just sent off a lovely card to Craft Stamper magazine featuring stamps from this set, which I hope they will publish this autumn.

Then we have  The Gift of Christmas, a very versatile set - especially the tower of gifts which is deliberately designed to be usable all year round and would work for birthdays and with the right colours you could possibly turn it into a wedding cake rather than a pile of gifts.

And of course, we love to make sure you have the chance of a bargain, so both of these sets are priced at Stamp of the Month introductory prices (for trade too) and there's a super duper multi-buy deal in our Stamp Promotions department.

(All these introductory prices go up on September 1st, so don't miss out.)

The card featured above has been coloured with Copics and Promarkers and sits on one of our printable downloads from the Spirit of Christmas collection.

And talking of Christmas Spirit, here's a flashback to 2007 when we had a bit of fun at one of our open days!

If that doesn't bring a smile to your face, then perhaps our little giveaway will.  Just leave a comment and tell us what the true meaning of Christmas is for you.

PS - it brings a huge smile to my face - that last picture really shows how much weight I've lost - woohoo!


  1. The new Christmas Designs are beautiful Glenda and it brought a smile to see you on 'Santa's knee :) Congratulations on your weight loss !

    Christmas means a warm & cozy time together with our family and only the young children receive gifts. I enjoy creating cards for family & friends, and I'm sure everyone that looks at this blog does too ! Have a great day, Shirleyx

  2. Your new designs are gorgeous Glenda, as usual :) I've already started making my Christmas Cards and yet I know that, come the beginning of December, I'll still be in a mad panic making them.

    Now that I've got a grandchild I think my thoughts of Christmas are changing. I used to think it was just a big commercial exercise designed to make us spend more money than we ought (bah, humbug!) but now I'll be able to enjoy it seeing it through the eyes of a child once more.

  3. Terrific Christmas stamps, loving them all and the smashing card you've made. Unfortunately am saving my pennies at the moment.....sob sob, x

  4. The new Christmas stamps are gorgeous Glenda

    For me Christmas is all about the birth of the baby in the stable and all that means

    Jackie x

  5. These stamps are FAB - definitely my next purchase from CB.

    Christmas is firstly all about family & dear friends; it's doing those traditional things like choosing the tree, then decorating it & sitting back to enjoy once it's done!! It's going to a carol concert & singing your heart out & catching the atmosphere & spirit of what it's all really about - magic!

    It's also about being a total mad rush finishing my cards, especially those "special" ones that take a bit more effort. I have been known to be finishing some family ones in the wee small hours of Christmas morning, to be delivered later that day!!!

    But am I the only one???

    ttfn, Liz M x

  6. I do love working in school at christmas, to see the excitement, to watch christmas productions and attend carol services. But it's really always been about family get togethers.
    Even though many of my aunts and uncles have passed away, I'm still priviledged enough to have both of my parents and I treasure the quality time christmas gives us. It's about good food and wine, good company, conversation and playing games like mahjong, dominoes and cards.


  7. Since I spotted these new plates a few days ago, I've done nothing but waver between which one I like mos t :)

    Christmas is family - particularly first thing Christmas morning when it's just me, hubby & 2 delighted young children all piled in our bed.

  8. I love watching the faces of children as they look at all the lights, decorations and food! There is nothing more animated, and you can just see and feel the excitement they have for it all. Oh, to be that young again!

  9. This Christmas will mean more to me than many others in the last few years for we shall have a new baby girl in the house! I sadly lost both my parents over the last couple of years and have found Christmas difficult but now my daughter is pregnant and the baby is due at the beginning of December, so more than ever for me this year, Christmas means hope, goodness, promise and family. xxx

  10. Fab stamps Glenda. Christmas is a time for family, friends and the faces of children -they still believe in the magic of the season.

    Like many others we will be missing a few family this year but we will still remember them with love.

  11. Christmas to me means family ........ remembering with happyness the ones we can no longer spend it with and getting together with my 4 brothers and Dad and swapping childhood stories and catching up since last yr as we dont get together much :0)

  12. The Christmas stamps are beautiful, as are all your stamps.

    Christmas to me is all about the birth of Jesus. I love the story of his birth, and then His story after that.

  13. Christmas means being with family and feeling the excitement of the children (big and small). I think that Christmas brings out the child in all of us, no matter how old we are.

    As for the new stamps, I love them, looking forward to making my cards this year.

  14. Christmas brings to mind Mum preparing Swedish Glögg & the smell it created through the house but primarily it's a time for remembering God's gift & the trust in Him that I somehow have & am thankful for.
    Love that arch with the tree particularly & the mix of slightly unusual yet traditional images.
    Paula (PEP)

  15. I'm loving the new stamps and super card too. it is fab seeing old pics and seeing weight loss. well done you too.
    Christmas to me is family. having been blessed with 4 beautiful amazing children changed Christmas for me, as well as my whole life. the excitement leading up to it, they're faces on Xmas day, grandma and grandad enjoying it too all being together playing with new toys after and also listening to what they've learnt about Xmas at school. keeping up traditions from when I was growing up, being able to keep the magic going whilst they're still young, it really is family for me. my fabulous partner cooks a great dinner too. lol.

  16. Christmas for me means spending time with my family and friends and watching the joy and happiness on my 4 and 2 year old faces when they open their presents. and then watching them play with the packaging as it is more fun

  17. Hi Christmas is not a good time for me - my husband left me with three very small children and I could never afford much for presents. However now I've got grandchildren and a good job, I am trying hard to make it special again. I used to love Christmas when I was young with the presents round the tree and the excitement of what was in them. I was always the 'postman' and my children and grandchildren have carried on the tradition. I think tradition is the best thing about Christmas - that and giving. x

  18. These stamp sets are gorgeous and it's good to see the owl appearing again.


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