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Monday, 5 February 2018

A bag for a book (by Dominike)


Today I invite you in my art studio transformed into embroidery workshop. This little fabric bag is the real size for a book.

Bonjour, aujourd'hui, je vous invite dans mon atelier transformé en atelier de broderie. Ce petit sac en tissu est parfait pour transporter un livre.

1- Stamp the flowers without the words.
2- Embroider it with stem stitch.
3- Saw the bag.

1- Tamponner les fleurs sans les mots
2- Broder au point de tige
3- Coudre le sac.

Have a good day. Kind regards.

Que cette journée vous soit profitable.


  1. What a beautiful little project, beautifully sewn, Kate x

  2. What a great idea and such a clever way of using the stamped image Dominike. I must give this a go. Your little bag is fabulous! x

  3. Such creative and lovely way to use this beautiful stamp!

  4. A wonderful idea and love this stamped image.
    Linda xxx

  5. Beautiful project, looks so delicate.

  6. Gorgeous! I enlarged the photo - your stitching is lovely :)


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