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Saturday, 31 August 2013

CAS for Halloween (posted by Judith)

Hi Folks, I have a sample for you today using the Bewitched Moonlight stamp sheet. My sample was created by masking off the top and bottom of the card with a Post it note, using a ruler, to get a nice straight edge.

To begin, I stamped a small castle from the Howling Moon stamp sheet onto the background, and used a small piece of Post it note to mask off the moon. I then coloured the background with Distress Inks by blending them in a sideways motion, to create a streaky sky. I ensured that I used some yellow around the moon. I added some pieces of branch along the bottom, the witch and a sentiment. I then peeled away the Post it notes, and added a lace stamp from the Lace Fragments stamp sheet at the top and bottom of the background.

To finish, I added white highlights to represent the moonlight. This technique is called the bandana technique, and on a more complicated pattern, would look like a bandana scarf.

Please keep checking back for lots of inspiration from my Team mates over the coming days. Thanks for stopping by, Judith xx


  1. Oh I do love this - your use of those lace fragments to frame it is super & I love the gradations in colour for the background - especially the way you created the streaky part around the moon. I'll have to research the Bandana Technique as it looks like something I could do with having up my sleeve. Thanks for highlighting it.
    Paula (PEP)

  2. Gorgeous card, love the night time colours.

  3. Can you all show more of your techniques in a step by step? It's hard to understand "blending them in a sideways motion, to create a streaky sky." Blended them how? They don't look like sponge applicators - so pressed to the page directly? or? Thanks!


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