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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

A Spot of Colour (by Lesley)

We all struggle with our mojo being stolen or wandering off at inopportune moments, mine often goes walkabout when it is the most inconvenient!  So what do you do to try and find the muse, to motivate your creative side?

Well I try and sit down for a little while and look at magazines, at my previous designs or on the Internet at Pinterest or even fashion and art sites.  What I am really trying to do are find things that stimulate the imagination. It could be a style or shape that catches my eye but I do admit that more than likely it will a colour, or combination of colours, that sets the creative cogs whirring.

And this was one of the reasons we started the Challenge Blog. Colour is a fabulous stimulus for many people and we hope that we have managed to inspire your mojo over the last year by giving you colour combinations that you may not have ever dreamt of trying.

So as we are still in our Birthday month over on the Challenge Blog I want to let you know that we have added a new page. This has all the colour swatches that have been used for each Challenge during the last year and would be a fabulous starting point to visit, or even re-visit, when you find your mojo has gone awandering. You can click on each swatch and you will be able to look around at both the Design Team samples as well as all the entries related to that particular challenge.

We will continue to add to this page and I hope that when your muse takes a day off you take a delve into our colour archives and find something that will entice her back. Why not pop over there today and be inspired by a beautiful project from Asha using the current colour combination.


  1. Thank you Lesley , what a helpful idea .

  2. How great to be able to go to a section with lots of wonderful ideas when creativity is taking a holiday. Thank you Lesley. x

  3. Hi Lesely, what a wonderful idea, and such a helpful tool to have, thanks so much, Kate x

  4. thats a great idea Lesley - wonderful - thankyou xx

  5. I agree with the others Lesley! It is nearly always colour that sparks my ideas and so useful to be able to revisit the Challenge colour combos easily on one page so thank you.

    Lesley Xx


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