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Thursday, 3 December 2015

2 or 3 little things

It is unsual for French people to send cards for Christmas. The tradition is for the new year. So these cards are examples of what I realized for 2016. "Meilleurs vœux" is "All my best wishes".

Ce n'est pas habituel pour les français d'envoyer des cartes pour Noël. Traditionnellement c'est réservé à la Nouvelle Année. Voici quelques exemples de celles que j'ai faites pour 2016.

This one is made on a glossy paper. I apply 2 colors, yellow and red, on paper and pull the colors to obtain the effects. Then I apply the stamp.
Celle-ci a été réalisée sur du papier glossy. J'applique 2 couleurs, jaune et rouge, directement sur le papier et je tire pour obtenir l'effet souhaité. Puis je tamponne.

 This one is made on a piece of paper painted with acrylic. I paint the branches and the light with Zig.
Celle-ci a été faite sur un morceau de papier peint à l'acrylique. Les branches et la lumière sont peintes au feutre Zig.

And the last one is made with a piece of Canson paper painted with acrylic.
Le dernière est faite sur un morceau de Canson peint à l'acrylic.

I hope you like. Thanks for your comments which give me a great pleasure. Kind regards.
J'espère que vous aimez. Merci pour vos commentaires qui font toujours plaisir. A très bientôt.



  1. Beautiful cards Dominike. It is interesting to hear how the traditions in France differ so much from the UK. I have a lot of Christmas cards to write and send every year! Judith xx

  2. Lovely cards, I like the way you have done the backgrounds.
    I didn't know that France don't send Christmas cards but I imagine you have just as many to send at New Year instead!

  3. Lovely cards Dominike! I think the French way is a good one, just stick to New Year wishes! xxMiranda

  4. Three beautiful cards Dominike and love yor acrylic backgrounds and mix of colours. x

  5. I rather like the notion of New Year wishes, your cards are lovely.

  6. Absolutely gorgeous cards, love each one of them, Kate x

  7. beautiful work - I didn't realise that christmas cards were not commonly exchanged in france - gorgeous new year cards! Hugs rachel x

  8. Wow three cards! Love the warm colours on the first, the colouring on the classic-card and think the grungy style on the last is my favorite...

  9. Beautiful cards Dominike. Very lovely and interesting effect on the first one.

    Lesley Xx


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