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Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Fun with lift ink and a journal (by Rachel)

Hello there! Rachel here with some more inspirtion for you from the shows in October. This time I have chosen to share my sample I made using alcohol ink and lift ink..I really enjoyed making this one as I love the concept of stamping in alcohol ink. And I really like the ghosting effect. 

Secondly I wanted to share a journal I created and decorated using the Harebell Butterfly stamp set. 

This is the back of the journal where I did some repeat stamping and colouring with pencils.

This is another part of the journal where I added some more stamps from this set ...

This is the journal front cover all stamped and coloured...

I even added some stamping to the front of the signatures too. This was a watercolour signature I think! 

I hope this has given you more food for thought of ways to use your stamps!

Big hugs

Rachel xxx


  1. Love the butterfly collage, and your journal is fabulous

  2. Wonderful work Rachel and love the alcohol ink lifting technique with tbe pretty butterflies, and your stamping and colouring on and in the journal is beautiful. x

  3. Lovely journal pages and cover! I have to try the alcohol ink lifting technique!

  4. As ever Rachel, your work is amazing, I love the stamps you've chosen and your colours, beautiful project, Kate x

  5. The ink lift technique worked beautifully Rachel and I absolutely love the journal with the Harebell and the butterfly inserts! Hugs, Anne xx

  6. Beautiful and I really like the first one with its gorgeous colour x

  7. Beautiful! I have the lift ink but haven't opened it .... yet - this could be just the push I need.


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