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Sunday, 3 February 2019

Timeless Fabric Panel (by Rachel)

Hello there! Rachel here today with a bag I decorated using one on the fabric panels from the January shows. Sadly my samples were still in the post so weren't seen on the show itself....

The fabric panel was a dream to work with - I loved the design and used paints that work on paper and fabric to do my painting. I chose lovely bright colours for the main part of the panel but edged it with grey to tone it down slightly. Next I worked on the main bag fabric and added some of the main colour through a stencil that matched (in my mind at least) the leaves on the fabric panel. Once dry I sewed on the fabric panel and ironed the whole thing to make the paint washable. 

I hope you like this as an idea of how to use one of your fabric panels if you ordered them!

Have a great day!


Rachel x


  1. Love the bag Rachel, such a shame your parcel didn't get there on time

  2. Such a gorgeous piece of work Rachel, Kate x

  3. Thanks mum, titbelsoeur and Kate!

  4. The fabric panels are stunning, you have coloured them so beautifully! The grey around the middle panel is such a clever idea, it sets the pink off wonderfully well! Hopefully this will make the next show. Anne xx

  5. I love what you have done with this fabric panel Rachel, and the background pattern of stencilled leaves goes beautifully. A wonderful bag. x

  6. Amazing work, that fabric panel is just delightful!


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