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Monday, 29 December 2014

Steampunk Funky Fish/Steampunk Sea World By Florence

Hi everyone

I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas.

Today I would like to share some cards made using some of the fabulous little creatures from the Steampunk Funky Fish and Steampunk and Sea World Stamp sets

These stamp sets are so addictive and such great images to craft with.  The more I use them the more I love them.

The stamps really work in lots of styles whether you want a more simple style of project or whether you want to get inky and create an imaginary underwater scene.

The images also work so well with other Chocolate Baroque Rubber Stamps so you can mix and match the stamps to create your own unique little master pieces.

I made all of these cards in the same way.
If you are new to stamping these cards may look complicated but they are not when you know the order of layers of the colors and stamping.

First stamp your main images that you wish to appear at the forefront of your project ie., the sea monster or the jelly fish.
Mask the images with either a paper or a liquid mask.
  Leave the mask on until the near the end.
Using some Cut-n-Dry foam, colour the whole piece of card (over the masked image) with Distress Inks of the colors of your choice.  Start with a lighter color and then build your colors up.
Take a stencil or mask and place it over the piece.
 Take a darker or a complimentary colored Distress Ink and sponge (over the mask) in areas of your choosing and leave to dry.
Now you can start stamping other images ie., the cogs or background patterns.
If you wish to multi-stamp ie., stamp the same images over the top of each other then it is best to start stamping with a lighter coloured ink first and then use a darker ink to stamp over the top. This helps to create a little bit of depth.  Please see the top of the first card above as an example.
When you have added all of the color and all of the additional stamping you can then take the masks off and color your images and add the highlights.

Tip: Optional -  I fix my ink with a spray fixative and then I add a coat of Mod Podge before I add the high lights. The Mod Podge makes the colors more vibrant.  It also stops the colored ink from contaminating your high lights.

Please feel free to case any of the projects on this post if you wish to.

Thank you for looking.

Wishing you all Health and Happiness for 2015
Florence x


  1. These are lovely bright cards

  2. Great fun cards, thanks for the tutorial! Have a happy New Year.
    Sandra xx

  3. Gorgeous Florence and so beautifully done! The colours are wonderful and thank you so much for your detailed 'how to'. I'm loving all the images in your underwater worlds. x

  4. Great cards, thanks so much for the instructions - very helpful indeed. :)

  5. What gorgeous pieces. So rich in colour. Love the combination of stamps you used. I couldn't even pick a favourite because I love them all so much.

  6. Thank you for your clear instructions. The whitework is striking in the second two with the middle project being my favourite - your choice of colours works beautifully & I particularly like your balancing of the cogs & the harlequin patterns. In the first your graduated background inking gives such a lovely semblance of light falling down into the ocean depths & that little dragon looks so happy paddling midst the bubbles. In all of the samples your crisp white mounting is a perfect compliment to the detailed busy focal panels.
    Paula (PEP)

  7. Love your cards. Love the backgrounds-they really accentuate the steam punk sea creatures.

  8. Amazing cards as always from you Florence! Luckily Father Christmas heard my pleas and brought me these stamps - can't wait to start playing! I love the colours and techniques you have used, the highlights really make the images pop! TFS :) xx

  9. wow Florence - these look so amazing - so glad I finally ordered mine - hugs Rachel xx

  10. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments. It is always great to hear from you. Penny and Rachel enjoy the new stamps.
    Hugs, Flo xx

  11. Wow, super cards! Love the colours; so sunny and the wonderfull backgrounds!


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