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Sunday, 3 September 2017

A little try (by Dominike)

It's not usual for me to stamp and color after stamping. I wondered what's will happen if I try to put color with a little sponge on this beautiful stamp.

I am suprised by the result. May be the blue on the right side is too dark, but I like the contrast with the left side. And you ? What do you think ?

Je n'ai pas l'habitude de mettre en couleurs après avoir tamponné. Mais je suis surprise par l'effet obtenu.
Le côté droit est peut-être un peu foncé mais j'aime bien le contraste avec le gauche.
Et vous qu'en pensez-vous ?

I wish you a good day.
Kind regards

Je vous souhaite une belle journée.
A bientôt.


  1. I like this .... it's natural and different and who says both sides have to be the same ....Beautiful x

  2. Lovely card, and the unusual colouring is just perfect!

  3. I like the way you coloured it using sponges, it gives a more informal look, the blue is great.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous, beautifully coloured, I think the balance of colours is just right, Kate x

  5. A different look applying the inks with a sponge Dominike and very pretty, and I love the contrast with the darker blue on one side. You think outside the box which mixes it up a bit. x

  6. I like it too! Maybe if you matted and layered it with some of the same colours used for the colouring you'd be happier with the end result?


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