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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Guest Post - A patchwork bag by Stempelientje

Our guest post this week is by Stempelientje Stempy who lives in the Netherlands. Her project is this fabulous craft patchwork bag featuring the Fantasy Castles stamp set, please enjoy.

For this bag I used:
Fantasy Castles stamp set
Printed cotton fabric
Cream colored fabric (washed and ironed)
Fabric stamping ink
Sewing thread
Derwent Pencils
Ric rac ribbon

I also used a Iron and a sewing machine.

  • I stamped the castle image on a square of the cream cotton and waited for it to dry.
  • After drying I ironed it to fix the image.
  • The image was then coloured with Panpastels.
  • I then sprayed it with fixative and ironed it again.
  • I finished colouring it with my Derwent pencils and ironed it again.

  • I cut 8 matching square pieces of fabric, all the same size as the cream square I just stamped.
  • When sewing all of them together I've put the stamped square in the middle. Make sure the corners fit together for a neat finish.
  • Sew a piece of fabric on top, and a large matching piece on the back. Sew them together so you have a bag.
  • Make a  shoulder band out of fabric and decorate top of the bag and the shoulderband with ric rac ribbon.

Crafty greetings, Stempelientje

Thank you for this beautiful idea, we loved it and I know that those of you who love working with fabrics will be inspired by this.  If you wish to see more creative work please check out the Stempelientje blog for lots more colour and interesting projects.


  1. What a lovely idea and a good way to use up odd pieces of fabric

  2. lovely idea - would never have thought of using pastels on fabric!

  3. What a great project I've never stamped on fabric so thanks for a great tutorial
    Jackie x

  4. Great to see the beautiful stamps on something you could take with you all day!

  5. Fabulous project. Love everything about it. Thank you for sharing.
    Flo xx

  6. What a great bag, just goes to show that there are lots of ways of using stamps. x


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