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Thursday, 18 July 2019

candle gift (by Veronica)

 For my second post this  month i am back to playing with another favourite, a decorated candle.

I used the small rose from the rose set  - you don't necessarily have to use the larger images to create an impressive effect.....

I stamped the rose three times onto white tissue paper and coloured on the reverse with marker pens. Paint with a wet paint brush round the edges of the design and tear out carefully.  Lay the images one at a time onto the candle, wrap a sheet of copy paper firmly round to hold in place and heat with a heat gun on a low setting to set the image into the candle (I use a very old hairdryer type gun that has a fairly low setting anyway). Repeat placing the other images equally around the candle - the eagle eyed will have spotted that I reversed one image, purely accidental as I dropped it and didn't notice the mistake until too late!

The box was made using an envelope board, with the rose stamped onto the sides before assembling it, and again onto matching card to make a closure using velcro dots.

I added a set of notelet cards using 4" square card blanks using a yellow mat to pick up the cololur of the rose. The back flap of the envelope was also stmaped with the same image, using second generation stamping for a fainter image.


  1. Two fantastic projects Veronica using this really pretty image which works beautifully on the candles, and then the box is a wonderful shape and love the little notelets to inside it. x

  2. Lovely projects. I never thought to use a hairdryer, I always use my heat gun which is a bit fierce.

  3. A Stunning project and set, love the result on the candle.


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