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Sunday, 6 July 2014

Tangled Fragments - By Florence

Hi everyone

I hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Today I would like to share some cards made with the new Tangled Fragment Stamps.  Ooooo! I was so excited when I saw these.  There are endless possibilities with these stamps.

The quality of the stamps is second to none.  Chocolate Baroque stamps are deeply etched so when you stamp with them they give a perfect image every time.  This also allows you stamp onto paper, fabric, or wood and also to stamp into and with different mediums not just ink.
 I got out the (water based) craft paints for these and had so much fun.

Tip:  When stamping with craft paint have a bowl of warm soapy water to hand to pop your stamps into after stamping.  If, the paint has gone a little dry, no problem you can clean them in soapy water and either a small tooth brush or nail brush.

This is a great way to use all of that card you have, that you don't really want to throw away but it is such a dubious color it just gets left in the draw.

I started off by coating small pieces of very violent fuscia pink card with Mod Podge.  This isn't necessary but all will become clear in a moment.

I then painted over the Mod Podge with different colored paint...yellow, white, light pink.

I then started to take some of the paint off with a damp tissue and added scratches for texture using a piece off sand paper.  The Mod Podge protects the base card.  So, if you are not keen on what you have painted...take it off.

When the card was dry and I was happy with the background, I covered the stamp with paint using a piece of bathroom sponge and stamped onto the prepared card stock.  This is where CB's deeply etched stamps come into their own.

For the last card, I prepared my piece of card in the same as mentioned above but this time I used a a piece of yellow card as my base and a mask for extra dimension.  I removed some of the paint to reveal the yellow and then stamped over the top.

Just to share, before I leave you, I have just made cards for today projects but these stamps would be ideal for journaling, altered art or any craft projects.  Do also check out the other stamps in Chocolate Baroque's huge range.

Tat tar for now and happy stamping.

Florence x


  1. Great ideas, thanks for sharing - who *doesn't* have card of 'dubious colour' in a drawer??! ;)

  2. These are really vibrant and interesting Florence. I especially like the last design. Great to see stamping with paint too. Thanks for the inspiration! Elaine x

  3. Very different indeed. I especially like the way you used the same 'bubble' stamp throughout the samples giving a variety of looks. That last one, as Elaine says, really catches the eye with the stencilling adding contrasting movement to the fragment stamping. The tip about how to clean the stamps after using paint is invaluable - much appreciated.
    Paula (PEP)

  4. Gorgeous cards Florence, I love the vibrant colours you've used for them.

    Sue xx

  5. I hope we have mod podge here at CB because I think I need some! This is a great idea for using up old or waste card. I love all the different colours you have used, but I particularly like the last one with the stencilling too, but they are all gorgeous. x

  6. Amazing results, love all the colours too.

  7. Fabulous colours and designs.
    Linda xxx

  8. Florence I love these abstract backgrounds. They really make the colors pop!

  9. great Florence - very vibrant colours, and a fab way of using up that card that we all have hanging around

  10. Wonderful cards Florence and your colours are lovely and bright
    Jackie x

  11. Great to see how colours and paint work on these BG-stamps!

  12. A really stunning and fantastic series of cards by Florence, just wow!! Coco xx

  13. These are blooming GORGEOUS Florence! I have been wondering if I can use my paints to stamp with - so thank you for that wonderful tip! I have had papers that I have covered with gesso before because I don't like the colour/pattern - teehee I will be getting some mod podge and distressing them in future - thank you for all the wonderful tips! Karen xx


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