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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Steampunk just got wings - announcing STEAMPUNK BIRDS!

We have something for the steampunk fans this month, but if that's not your thing, don't worry, we also have some beautiful individual floral stamps too.

Say hello to Steampunk Birds!

I made this jumbo tag using a distress stain background (covered in Monday Mojo issue 16) and lots of layered stamping.  The birds are coloured with a mixture of Derwent ColourSoft pencils and Derwent Graphitint pencils.  The Graphitint are a mixture of graphite and colour and I thought they would give me that worn, rusty look that I was after.  When I first saw the stamps, I had this vision of mechanical metal birds roaming wild in a steamy rainforest, their bright colours dulling down as they acquired a patina of rust.

Here's a couple of close ups showing the colouring and layered stamping.  I've mixed in stamps from Punky Flowers and Texture Fragments.

I think of these as quirky rather than full on steampunk and they really could be very  useful for masculine cards (Adrian loves the paddle steamer duck).  But for a complete contrast, here's our other new release this month - four delicate and very beautiful floral stamps in our clear range.
Available as single stamps or as a money saving multi-buy, these clear stamps can be positioned accurately exactly where you need them.

More details on this card coming up on my own blog soon.
So there you have our December releases - I hope you are enjoying the girls artwork and don't forget we'll be giving away a Chocolate Baroque gift voucher from comments chosen by the DT this month.

PS - we have lots of offers that will expire at the end of November - don't miss out on introductory prices and our special £10.00 off promotion - click here for details.


  1. Wow I love the stunning Steampunk Birds Glenda, especially the chick popping it's head out of the shell. Along with the flowers I feel that these stamps are a must have for me.

    Sue x

  2. Those flower stamps are gorgeous Glenda and i can see the steam punk stamps could be useful as you say for masculine cards although its not really my style

    jackie x

  3. Oh I love the idea of rusty birds in the rainforest - what a super idea. These certainly are ideal for any birdlovers or the menfolk & so apt for Easter too. I'm not surprised Adrian likes the paddlesteamer duck for he has such personality - This has totally upset my Christmas List. The flowers are just out of this world, the Magnolia especially as I'm spending hours picking up the leaves from our deciduous one, never mind removing the watershoots. Your Fritillary sample is a real beaty with the shadowing & I love the pale green mat. Before I write another essay…………..
    Paula (PEP)

  4. Really lovely new stamps Glenda. It's nice to have a choice of designs because Steampunk isn't for everyone, but that saying I'm sure we can all appreciate the detail in the birds, and most men would love the mechanical nature of the stamps, and men's card are always difficult. The set of flowers are beautifully delicate and detailed and mean we can have Spring on our cards before it even arrives.

  5. Which set to buy first - the Steampunk birds that would male and female and appeal to my whimsy or the gorgeous beautiful botannical like flowers? Absolutely stunning creations, love them all equally xx

  6. What a lot of fun birds! Took me right back to childhood and all the animals and puppets you could wind-up! The flowerstamps are beautiful, but my money will be spent on the birdsstampset...

  7. Gorgeous card, the flowers are beautiful, I love flowers


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