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Wednesday, 1 August 2018

3 pairs of pears

Hello there! Its Rachel here today joining you with my first post of this new month. We are showcasing the stamps from July's show this month and I am excited to bring you my plate which I was so pleased with.

This is the fired, complete plate ....

and here it is pre -firing!

This one was a bit of a labour of love involving stamping first with glaze for the light green pears, over painting with the green glaze and then overpainting again with the first glaze to ensure the image showed up.  The yellowy green pears were first stamped in ink and then painted in glaze. The ink burns off in the kiln so this is necessary. I also painted the negative non- stamped area too.
The border was done last to try and complement the pear colour and design - I just did that freehand.

I look forward to bringing you more makes later in the month!

Have a great day!


Rachel xx


  1. Wow, so creative!!! Your plate is so beautiful and unique!

  2. Those pears are beautiful and the edge you did yourself is just perfect with them...a gorgeous piece Rachel! x

  3. Great idea Rachel,certainly a unique piece.

  4. Thanks are very kind xxx

  5. This is fabulous - great job :)


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