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Thursday, 31 October 2019

Hearts and flowers by Rachel

Good Morning! Its the final post of the samples from the September show and I hope there's nothing scary in this post! Just lots of my samples from the show!
This one was made on a gelli print background using the geometric trading hearts stamp. I coloured sone of the squares in using water colour pencils. 

For this one I used the artists trading heart outline on another gelli background and then masked off the heart and stamped the celebration bouquet all around the outside. My trusty water colour pencils then came out to colour the blooms!

More using the geometric trading hearts and maskingthe first heart before stamping the second one.

A bit more of a scene this time creating the background using a sun mask and blue/green ink before then filling in the sun. I overstamped and masked the snakeshead fritallaria and coloured with water colour pencils.

Finally I used the butterfly from the happy flowers day stamp set to create this card! Simple repeat stamping on an inked background and colouring in using water colour  pencils.

Hope you have a great day - big hugs Rachel xx


  1. Gorgeous cards Rachel, love the butterflies xx

  2. Wonderful selection of samples Rachel, Kate x ☺

  3. Fantastic cards Rachel, and I'm loving all the hearts against such interesting and pretty backgrounds, and then the pretty snakeshead fritillary and the beautiful butterflies and love the way you have coloured and with such pretty tones too. x


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