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Friday, 1 June 2012

Sunny Sunflower winner

I'm on the ball today and I'm delighted to announce the winner of our Sunny Sunflower stamps.  When her name came up I was delighted because she's a very worthy winner.

It's Margaret Iddon!!!

Margaret is hosting the Chocolate Baroque AlphaTag swap over on the Chocolate Baroque Forum and she is doing such a great job of managing the swap and photographing all the tags.  So much so, that I created a page here on this blog to show off the monthly collage photos she puts together of all the tags received.  You can see the tab at the top or click here to go take a look.

If you want to see each of the tags in more detail, you will need to sign up to the Forum.  It's completely free and once signed up, you can become a member of the 'Alpha Tag Swap' group.  The swap is closed to new members, but you can still see the photos and read the discussions as people share how they made their tags.

Congratulations Margaret - I will get your stamp set out to you today!

PS: We have more new stamps launching today!  Long story, but we had a real problem with the master plate for this one and had to delay the launch, but there are two sets and I think you're going to love them ...

PPS: I won't be blogging about them until next week, so make sure you are on our email list to be the first to see them (and find out about the Stamp of the Month offer).

PPPS: ... think steampunk ....!


  1. A worthy winner indeed - congratulations to Margaret. Love steampubnk so watching out for the new stamps too which will no doubt go onto my wishlist

  2. Oh excellent - so thrilled it's Margaret this time. She really is doing an amazing admin feat & I'm learning so so much from the challenge of working with the alphabet in conjunction with CB products. She's brilliant too at getting us steamed up (oops - there's a pun that got itself in) taggers into line & calmed down.
    Looking forward to the new reveal too!
    Paula (PEP)

  3. That's brilliant Margaret is a very worthy winner and she is doing an amazing job with the swap...congratulations
    Looking forward to the new reveal too

    Jackie x

  4. Congratulations, Margaret! You will enjoy them!


  5. Wow, well done Margaret you lucky thing! I'm sure you're just going to love playing with those new stamps, and a very worthy winner. Sarah x

  6. Well I never. Lucky me. I was going to buy them but now can get something else.
    Looking forward to them arriving.

  7. Way to go Margaret, so pleased for you! I hope you enjoy your new stamps, Judith xx

  8. Excellent news, definitely well deserved Margaret. :-)
    Gina x

  9. Well eserved win Margaret . Enjoy them. Suexxx

  10. They arrived yesterday while we were out shopping.
    e are doing other stuff today so I won't get to play with them until tomorrow. Roll on tomorrow I say.

  11. Congratulations Margaret, hope you have managed to play with them by now.


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