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Thursday, 22 October 2015

There's not mushroom inside! (by Lesley)

Sorry I couldn't resist using this title. It is one of the dreaful puns that appear in an old Lonnie Donnegan song entitled 'My Old Man's a Dustman'. But all joking aside the October Year of Stamping stamp is crammed full of funghi images and is aptly named Mushroom Garden.

As many people know I love mushrooms, but only as images as I'm allergic to the real thing, and when I saw this design from Sue I was thrilled to bits. The Design Team have come up with some wonderful ideas on how to use your mushroom stamp and the online magazine is jammed full of their step by step projects and fabulous full colour photos.

I have written an article about Stampbord and Judith has made two extra projects which are featured on this week's Shop Blog. So there really is an enormous amount of inspiration around this month.

If you have yet to discover our unique project club then please take a moment to visit this page to find out more information. And once you purchase one of our Year of Stamping Stamps you will be able to join our private Facebook group and share in all the inspiration from other members. You could even have your artwork published in the next edition of our magazine.

Here is a sneaky peek at this month's front cover, I have to say I think each issue is more colourful than the last.
And one final thing, you can still purchase any of our previous months' stamps and receive a copy of the relevent issue of the magazine. If all this whets your crafting appetite then why not visit the Year of Stamping section now and see what you can find.


  1. I'm with you; I love mushrooms as images! And this is a beautiful stamp!

  2. That's a lovely stamp - so much colouring to do!

  3. I agree that funghi are very attractive and come in all shapes and sizes and what is so funny is that the more colourful they are generally speaking the more poisonous and dangerous to eat, but the world of nature is a wonderful thing and this stamp is full of interest and perfect for this current season. I think it lends itself to being creative with the colours and making it look bright and pretty and not necessarily true to nature. x

  4. The stamp looks amazing and what wonderful shapes to colour, as for eating mushrooms, I can take them or leave them, but I do love homemade mushroom soup, Kate x

  5. Oh the image above so makes me want to buy it! I'll just wait a week to see what the next stamp of the week is though, allready got the indian textiles set. These mushrooms will go perfect also with some of my Alice in Wonderland stamps! Curious how a CB type Alice would look like - arty and quirky, or dreamy...I'm on an inspiration trip allready from you mushrooms!
    Debbie / Daqa

  6. I love mushrooms ...... edible or stamped, lol! This stamp is quite lovely too with all the colouring possibilities it present.

    Lesley Xx


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