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Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Imagination rules by Rachel

Hello there! Rachel here with my second set of samples from the January shows. 

For this first one I used a gelli print and stamped onto that using stamps from the Cala Lily Blueprint set. I stamped the image twice - once on the gelli background then again on card that I coloured and fussy cut and added to the gelli print. I also used the single leaf stamp to form a border.

These AT coins were made by painting on the MDF blanks and then adding stamped imgaes from the Freesia Blueprint set which I coloured in using sparkly pens.

For this smple I used stamps from the Wild Cornflower Blueprint to create both the background and the centre piece. I chose to colour the central image but left the background black and white.

Another sample using the Freesia Blue print set, fussycut on a painty background.

Finally this is a little treat bag. I created this using a die. I painted then assembled the bag then finally added the Lily stamps.

I hope you have got some more ideas from this post!

Rachel xx


  1. All beautiful and I especially like your first card as it's so pretty x

  2. More beauties using these gorgeous new stamps Rachel, and love them all. The little treat bag and the ATCoins work well, and the cards are all very prettily coloured and designed. x

  3. Great inspirations, love the stamps and colours used!

  4. SO Beautiful each and every one.
    Faith x


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