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Thursday, 9 June 2022

Not only Ink Pad ( by Magda) - Pretty Poppies, Birthday Words


I share with you today the result of my curiosity and consequently my attempt. After I draw a sunflower with charcaol, I had the idea to see how this medium would react  stamping with it instead of using an  Ink Pad.  Well, I am  satisfied and here below I post the outcome of my "strange idea" 

I rubbed the willow spindle on the stamps Pretty Poppies and Birthday Words and stamped. I used  charcoal pencil for coloring the poppy and scribbled in the background. 

Thank you for passing by and have a go if you had loved this idea, hugs



  1. Well, who would have thought that you could use charcoal as a stamping medium, and the resulting shading using a charcoal pencil looks beautiful the added background detail too. x

  2. This is lovely, what a great idea! The result looks hand-drawn rather than stamped. x


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