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Tuesday, 25 December 2018

The Gift of giving by Lesley

 'The Gift'

So the big day is finally here. And hopefully you are now enjoying all the effort that you have put into it.  You may be sharing it with family, friends, or perhaps there are just you and your partner or maybe even just you.  Which is the hard part at this time of year.  We love sharing our exploits and events with others and we need others to sometimes just be there for when the aventure gets too much and is not as exciting as it should be.

We are very fortunate at CB, we have a brilliant designer in Sue, a fabulous Design Team and we are now blessed with other companies such as Illusionary Artists, Kim Moody and, very recently, Artisan Design wanting us to manufacture their stamps. We are also privileged to do tv shows and retail shows and, this year, we launched our first art retreat with Crafty Individuals.  So we are constantly surrounded by people.

But today, of all days, please take a few minutes to think of those who are not so fortunate. Crafters are, in general, a lovely caring bunch of people. Thoughtful and giving, always willing to lend a hand. So if you know of someone who may just be not a fortunate as the rest of us, and you have a few minutes to spare in the coming days, why not knock on their door, say hello to them in the street, or give someone a call. It won't take much time out of your day, but it could make theirs. It's a gift we can all afford.

May David and I wish you the very best of the festive season and thank you all for being there, and sharing and caring, with us and for us. Merry Christmas!


  1. Wishing you and Dave a wonderful Christmas and enjoy your day.
    Linda xxx

  2. Wishing you and David all the best for a lovely Christmas Lesley, and a very happy, healthy and successful 2019. x

  3. Merry Christmas!! (a bit later... LOL)


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