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Sunday, 1 March 2020

twig wreath (by Veronica)

I have to admit that the doodle birds and butterflies were not my favourite stamps, but fortunately we don't all have to like the same things, it would be boring if we did!

I  did have fun with the twiggy stamp from the doodle butterfly set and my stamping platform though, and here are two versions. Just using a different size of card made quite a difference to the result - the first card used a 6.5" square as a base, and the second a 7" square. The smaller size gave a more traditional wreath shape, and the larger one came out as a very thin hexagon.

On both versions I used a green ink pad to stamp the twigs
 The smaller card I stamped the butterflies from doodle birds and dragonflies from doodle butterflies on white card using a multicolour ink pad, cut them out and added to the wreath shape.
 The larger card I did the same with the butterflies from each set.


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