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Thursday, 6 November 2014

Mellow Fruitfulness and Autumn - Wooden Box By Florence

Hi everyone

I was so excited when I saw the new Stamps for November especially as, like many of you, I am in the middle of making gifts and stocking fillers for Christmas....I am not quite in panic mode yet though!

If you are making gifts for friends, family or to sell at School and Church Bazaars do check out not only the new stamps but the other stamps in the CB range. The image design and the quality of the stamps with the deep etching allows you to stamp onto not just card but they stamp fabulously on wood and fabric. 

Today I would like to share with you a wooden box I painted and stamped onto which is one of the Christmas gifts I have made for this year.

This really is not as complicated as it may look.  Do give it a go you will have so much fun.

I prepared the box for painting just by removing all hinges and clasps, cleaning it and sanding it down.

I then Painted the base and lid of the box, inside out, with 2 coats of Gesso.

I then painted the base and lid of the box, inside and out, with 3 coats of white craft paint sanding lightly between coats. I like to use 3 coats in case I need to remove any paint as mentioned in later stages below.

I diluted some blue craft paint with some water (to a milk consistency) and applied it to all of the outside edges of the box base and lid using my fingers.

Tip:  If you do put too much paint on or you do not like the look you have created quickly take the paint off with a wet wipe but do leave to dry before adding any more paint.

So when you have base coated the box in white and added the distressed blue edges you are ready to stamp.

Mix a small amount of blue paint (say, a tea spoon full) with equal parts of Stamping Medium (details can be seen on my craft blog HERE). You can mix more paint as and when required.  
 The stamping medium is optional.  I like to use the mix because I find it gives me a better stamped paint image.

Using a bathroom sponge, apply the paint mix to your rubber stamp and then start stamping.  

Tip:  I would recommend that you start stamping at the front of the box, both on the lid and the base.  That way you can alter any stamping at the back.

Tip: If you do make a mistake stamping or you do not like the position of the image you have stamped, as mentioned above, take it off with a wet wipe.  Do leave it to completely dry before you stamp onto the area again.

To create the crackle effects, I painted on one coat of Weather Wood Medium and left it to dry.  
I then painted on one coat of One Step Crackle Medium and left to dry.
This was a happy accident and I was pleased with the results.  
You can just use one coat of One Step Crackle Medium and leave off the Weathered Wood Medium if you wish.

I then diluted some paint with water and rubbed this over the surfaces of my box, in small areas at a time, just with my fingers, taking off any excess with a piece of kitchen paper towel.

Tip: If you rub/paint on too much paint and if some paint drys you can remove it by very gently wiping it over with a wet wipe.  Please do leave the surface dry before reapplying any more paint.

To seal the decorated box I use two coats of Gel Medium.  
An alternative to this would be to use household wood varnish or Mod Podge.  As this surface has been stamped in water base craft paint you can use most mediums. 

Thank you for looking.
Happy Stamping
Florence x


  1. A lovely idea and a beautiful present

  2. Fabulous project! Your work is terrific and looks so good in the blue tones x

  3. Wonderful project, thanks so much for all the detailed instructions too.

  4. What a great altered box
    Jackie x

  5. Love the combination of pale blues on the box with the red gingham of the jar covers. A very different & personal gift. The box itself looks super & I particularly like the way the bee on the little tag co-ordinates with the your box stamping. The pale blue background of the tag looks super with the box's decoration.
    Paula (PEP)

  6. Thank you ladies always lovely to hear from you.
    Hugs, Flo xx

  7. Just lovely boxes, reminds me of Delfts blue!
    Debbie / Daqa

  8. This is a gorgeous box Florence and love the new stamps you have used. That colour blue is so pretty and the box alone would make a lovely gift but filled with fantastic goodies. Yum! Yum! x

  9. I don't usually like light blues, but this is beautiful. It reminds me of some dishes my grandma used to have :) i've just been planning some woodwork with stamping, thanks for your detailed instructions, they will be useful.

  10. Wonderfull creations dear Florence, great christmas gift did you create!!


  11. Wow what a super idea! And it looks so great!

  12. Love this painted box Florence, wonderful hand made gift idea


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