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Monday, 25 July 2011

Christmas diamonds by ikki

I called this card Christmas diamonds - well it would be nice wouldn't it! 

The diamond stamps are from the Christmas Decorations theme plate and the embossing powder was preordained to be silver, as was the embossed edging, wire and beads.   You can created this irregular edging with a glue stick and embossing powder.  The decorative paper is from the Spirit of Christmas range and makes a great foil for the diamonds.  

Card materials list:
Card : White 8” X 4” + extra white card for embellishments
Purple card 7.¾” x 3.¾”
Stamps – Christmas Decorations UDLSP0304
Decorative Paper: Spirit of Christmas
Inkpads: Versamark Clear
Embossing Powder: Silver
Glue Stick
Wire, Beads

On my Chrissie list:  why diamonds of course!  



  1. Wow. Such an effective use of these diamonds, love them against the backing paper.

  2. This is gorgeous and I hope you wish comes true!! Good to hear from you - you've been missed

  3. I am glad to see Ikki is back. I wish she had an "Anonymous" feature on her blog so I could talk to her. Anyways, instead of sleeping pills, maybe she wants to try Melatonin, 15mg every other night. It works for me and I too have an under active Thyroid and menopause which doesn't help either. Just a suggestion instead of drugs which cost a whole lot more and can be addictive.

    Glad you are back Ikki.
    Oregon, U.S.A.

  4. This is gorgeous. Beautiful colours. Love it.
    Greet Marja

  5. Beautiful card, love the stamping. Hugs x ChrisB


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