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Sunday, 15 February 2015

Sketchy Doodle Flowers - Owl - By Florence

Morning everyone

I hope you are all enjoying the weekend.

Today I would like to share a project I made using the new Sketchy Doodle Flower Rubber Stamps.

This project has a hint of recycling to it so you can imagine how much fun I had making it.

It'll owl be right on the night!

The Base

For the base of this project I used an old LP which I sanded down one side with sand paper and gave the vinyl two coats of Gesso.
*I then applied some paint all over the surface of the LP using the black side of a piece of Cut'n'Dry.
When the paint was dry a gave it a couple of quick spritzes of Spray Ink and let the excess ink run down the surface a little.
To make the circle patterns, I used plastic container tops, dipped into paint and stamped them onto the base as seen.
I gave the surface a quick spray of a fixative to fix the inks.
*An alternative base idea would be to paint and decorate a piece of card and then attach it to the LP using glue.

 The Owl

I colored some white card (cut to approximate sizes to match images) with Distress Ink and stamped all of my images using Black Archival Ink.
I then cut all of the pieces out, added a little bit of Distress Ink to the edges of each piece and gave them a coat of Mod Podge.
I used Silicon to attach my pieces, firstly to the LP and then to build up the layers as seen.

Thank you for looking
Happy Stamping
Florence x


  1. Wonderful recycling idea, that owl looks so much fun!


  2. Wow what a brilliant idea, I would never have thought of that! This is fabulous.

  3. Wow...WooW I love this idea. What a beautiful card. Greetings Janny

  4. I can see you had great fun with this. The plastic container lid stamping is so effective the way you've echoed the flower centre eyes & I particularly like the feathery effect of using the large spiky image beneath the flowers for the eyes. The his (perhaps it's a she??) beak curves the opposite way to the feathers adds a super contrast as does it being the complimentary colour of the same feathers. Fascinating to see all the little details in this making a very striking design.
    Paula (PEP)

  5. How inventive! I have a whole mess of old LP's and singles here if only I can bring myself to repurpose them - guess I think that maybe sometime I'll listen to them again!!! Yeah, right eh? This is certainly tempting me to go use them.

  6. This is amazing Florence. What a cutie. And very very clever.

  7. What a fantastic project it's wonderful
    Jackie x

  8. Incredible use of that set of stamps! Absolutely LOVE it!

  9. Simply stunning and wonderful owl, brilliant idea Florence to cut and assemble all the pieces like that!!! and the colours are wonderful! :D Hugs, Coco xx

  10. Thank you so much everyone. Great to have your company.
    Flo xx

  11. Such a perfect idea! Great colours and unique!

  12. What a clever and fun project Florence and I love the use of an LP as the base and the way you have picked out the different pieces to layer up to achieve a very good owl shape and look. I love the colours too. x

  13. Love this! Owls are always cute, and this is the kind of owl that would make anyone smile! Who would have guessed he ( or she) was hiding in a sheet of flower stamps :)

  14. Whoohooo , this is original ! Love it....


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