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Saturday, 22 January 2022

Be Strong by Rachel

 Hello there,

Rachel here today with my makes from the morning show later in December. I love all the stamps featured here - they are so very beautiful! In this first one I did a little repeat stamping then enjoyed colouring the Ophelias using water colour pens.

I used water colour pens again to colour this image and added it to a black background. I also added some repeat stamping to the card blank.

More water colour pens - you can just tell I was enjoying colouring these images in can't you?

And yes - you've guessed it - more water colour pen colouring - this time with more pastel shades.

Finally I was a little more inventive and used this stamp to create a porcelain piece. I stamped in ink then overpainted in glaze before firing in the kiln at PottyRoos in Morecambe.

My penultimate post for Chocolate Baroque. I hope i have brought you a little inspiration!
Big hugs
Rachel x


  1. Beautiful cards and pottery Rachel xx

  2. Always amazing projects from you Rachel, these are no different. fab colours too.
    Faith x


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