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Monday, 9 June 2014

Flowers and butterflies!! (by Maria)

Hi, everyone,

I love flowers and butterflies, so I was very glad with the choice of stamps we could use for our samples. The new sets of stamps "Briar Rose Butterfly" and "Harebell Butterfly" are really gorgeous! Fantastic!

I made two very different cards with these stamps, the first one I made again with my favorite technique, yes I love Dylusions ink for the salt technique. So I spread yellow (Lemon Zest), orange (Pure Sunshine), pink (Bubblegum Pink), green (Dirty Martini) and (Cut Grass) on one page. In the corners I've put some salt, then I spread Dylusions ink on a second paper, (all the bright colours but no greens). Then when all the papers were dry, I used the big flower stamp (Briar Rose Butterfly) and stamped ( I used some black archival ink) it on the first paper, again I stamped it on the second paper, and cut out the flowers. The above flower I stamped another 4 times on the orange-yellow paper, cut out of the paper and placed it on the flowers of the first card to create some depth, and so I did with the butterflies too. Then I've placed it on white, yellow, white again and finally black cardstock, I hope you like it and try it!

The second one,  I took two cards, a big one for the background and a smaller one for the front, I never measure my cards I just see how they fit together and that they fit in an envelope of course! I made this one with distress ink and the stamps from the Harebell Butterfly set.  I think the card shows how I have made it, please try it once too, it's such a fun and  the stamps are so beautiful to use for a lot of occasions, don't you think so?

Have fun and joy in stamping your ART!


  1. Hello Maria
    What lovely bright and happy images !
    As its dull here today in Bristol... they have lifted the day!
    Thank you
    Love Marg

  2. Beiden zo mooi! De felle kleuren op de 1e maakte dat deze m'n blogrol zowat uit sprong en de tweede heeft zoveel fijne kleur-details; gewoonweg mooi! Fijn Pinksterweekend verder, Gerrina

  3. Very pretty cards. I love how you angled the paper on the second card; very unique.

  4. These are really pretty summery cards.

  5. Hello, what gorgeous cards can't beat a butterfly to brighten up the day!

  6. I love the delicious colours on the first card. Your second card is so light and pretty.

  7. This is certainly card art and the first is so vibrant with that lovely mixture of colours and the salt technique and making the extra flowers from your own coloured paper is delightful. The second with those mixed citrus colours has really pretty background stamping and the delicately coloured harebells, and both cards are finished perfectly with beautiful butterflies. I do like the white pen outlining and highlighting too. x

  8. these are so beautiful - I love the sets of stamps - they are stunning - been playing with the Briar rose one today - will blog the results tomorrow and add them to the FB group too! Hugs rachel x

  9. Stunning backgrounds and love the decoupaged images.
    Linda xxx

  10. Two beautiful cardsMaria I love the dimension from the decoupaged butterflies

    Jackie x

  11. Gorgeous cards Maria. The colors on the first one with the highlights is just stunning. Lovely use of the the stamps on the second one. The butterflies look like they are flying off the page.
    Flo xx

  12. I think it just gobbled my comments grr!
    Two gorgeous cards. Both are wonderful and they butterflies are very realistic. Thank you for sharing and the inspirations Karen x

  13. Fascinating to see two such different cards using the same stamps. Your selective use of the salt for the background in the first is very effective & your matting with balck & white against the colours very striking. It's the second that I'm particularly drawn to though with your very interesting colouring of the harebells - the complimentary colours of the harebell heads catches the attention & I like the sense of movement created by the right hand butterfly flying off the card's perimeter.
    Paula (PEP)


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