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Wednesday, 25 December 2019

A special day (by Lesley)

 Artwork courtesy of Jean Hardy

Well here we are again, it's the 25th December 2019 and it's almost the end of another year, and a decade.  It's been a difficult year at CB towers for several reasons. The most significant was that we lost our wonderful designer Sue and it has left a hole in our hearts, for she was a very talented and special person. We are truly fortunate that her legacy will live on all over this world in the shape of her beloved drawing and images, and she will always shine a little light on all of us.

Like all families we at CB suffer the usual ups and downs of life, but we are strong for eachother when necessary and we try to be truly kind to all.  In this world of unrest and uncertainty we like to think we are a little oasis of inspiration and creativity for all our wonderful customers. You are the people who make us what we are and for whom we try our hardest throughout the year.

So not just for today, but for all the days in a year may we wish you happiness, kindness and love where ever you are.

Merry Christmas!


  1. A beautiful post Lesley.

    Wishing you and the worldwide Chocolate Baroque family a Peaceful Christmas Season.

    B x

  2. Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas x

  3. Beautiful words! And to all of you at CB wishing you lovely days with beautiful moments! Gerrina x

  4. Thank you Lesley for your good wishes and wishing you, David and everyone connected to Chocolate Baroque a very Happy Christmas and look forward to a new crafting decade. x

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  6. Very touching post, with sweet words. Thanks for your wishes, and have yourself and all the Team a wonderful New Year!


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