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Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Flower Basket (by Debs)

Hello everyone, Deborah is here with her second post this month. She has created another delightful mixed media project to inspire you. 

She writes:

Hi everyone, Debs here with my second project which is called Flower Basket.

My basket I made from a die and mount board which gave me a very sturdy basket, but you could do the same technique with any form of container, such as a box or casket, any item you can put something in, or for a different look you could do something similar with a frame.

I used the crackle glaze and acrylic paint which you can buy from the website on my basket to get a vintage look. Before I assembled it I stamped leaves from Big Bold Background-Leafy Background and then used pens to add colour. Once dried I set aside for later and moved onto my flowers.

Onto a heavy smooth watercolour card I stamped a variety of flowers from Floral Perfumery, Rose Perfumery and butterflies from Butterfly Perfumery in black ink. I heat dried them to make the ink permanent and then painted with watercolour paints. Once completely dry I then added some shading with pencils to add more dimension. I then fussy cut the flowers. Some I attached to the side of the basket which I filled with tissue paper to add volume.

Others I attached to strips of heavy card to the back which enabled me to position them to the tissue paper. The butterflies I attached to long thin sticks and positioned them amongst the flowers which helped to camouflage the sticks.

I liked mine as they were but to add even more interest, you could add glitter.

Well that's the basket, join me next week for more home decor ideas, take care and hugs, Debs xx


  1. Beautifully done Deborah and such pretty colours for the flowers which sit beautifully in your stunning painted basket. x

  2. Beautifully created, I love the design and the pretty colours, Kate x

  3. Wow, it's gorgeous!! Love so much the floral arrangement on the basket!

  4. So colourful - and beautiful :)


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