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Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Spot Card - (by Magda)

Lesley Wharton  has released recently this big stamp, that is very versatile and could be used in different ways.

Step by Step

1. Blend lightly red Distress Inkpad on and in your card
2. Stamp randomly in several generations with Archival Jet Black the sentiment of the plate
    "The Toadstool Garden "
3. Punch holes in different sizes on the front of the card
4. Stamp with Archival Jet Black the big stamp "The Toadstool Garden " on the inside of the card
5. Color with Faber Castel Art Grip Aquarelle Pencils some details of the image, especially the
    sections the stamp that you can see through the holes
6. Put some gold Stickless to highlight

Flower Card

This cute flower and the sentiment are in  "The Toadstool Garden " plate.  For this card I used blue, yellow and red Distress Inkpad for blending the background and stencil and the white cardstock pieces.  Archival  Jet Black  for stamping the sentiment on the card, Archival Red and Violet  for the flower on a white cardstock.   

Thank you for being here today. 


  1. Two great cards Magda, and love the spotlight idea on the first, and the panels work well on the second using the pretty flower and sentiment which are also part of the set. x

  2. Two lovely cards Magda, thank you for sharing.

  3. Great idea Magda, love the spotlight one xxxx

  4. Do now not get caught up in those "inspirational" four week differences because most of the time, the ones humans turn out to be setting lower back on that weight and then some in a couple of weeks. Pass for the slow and regular approach, you're much more likely to be successful.


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