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Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Indian Vase (by Debs)

Hello everyone, Deborah is here with her last post of the month, a stunning decorative item that will hopefully inspire you to get creative yourselves . Here's how she created her project:

Hello everyone Debs here with the last project for my spot on the blog this time round and I have another home decor piece for you. I love creating items to have around the home and the stamps I've used Indian Elephant and Indian Textiles are just perfect for this kind of project.

I used this vase substrate but you can use a host of other substrates such as photo frames, drinks and place mats, etc. Try not to use anything too circular as it can be difficult to stamp (or it is for me).

So to begin I covered the whole thing in a light coat of crackle glaze, roughly dried it and then sprayed it with a white acrylic paint. It must be an acrylic paint to make the crackles. I gave it three coats drying each one in between. Be careful not to touch until completely dry.

Next I applied a gold embossing powder to the bottom segment all the way round. First using Versamark I covered the area I wanted the powder to stick and heated it with a heat gun, once it's melted sprinkle it with more powder to form a thicker coat. I repeated this around the top of the vase as well.

Once completely dry plan out your design; I wanted mine to have a central design with elements moving away from the centre, but it's just as effective to stamp randomly. I used a dark brown Stazon ink as I wanted a vintage feel. Once the ink was completely dry I cut some string and wound it around the vase to give more interest. You could just as easily add gem stones or pearls, whatever matches your individual style.

Well that's it for me, I'd like to thank David and Lesley for having me and the fabulous Judith for organising me and the posts.
Goodbye for now,
Debs xxx


  1. This is beautifully done Deborah and thank you for the detailed explanation. x

  2. Just Beautiful. Thank you for explaining the way you did it. X

  3. An amazing project, beautifully done. LOVE it.

  4. Wonderful project Debs, your decoration of the vase is stunning, Kate x

  5. What a lovely project, love your decoration.


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