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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Green and Copper Squares

This is one of my samples from the fascinating Texture Fragments plate. This stamp set really encourages play. I started by using my stamp positioner to help me get an overall background pattern by piecing the small stamp together. Working on green pearlescent card, I used black perfect medium to help me see where I had stamped before I embossed. I find this a really useful ink to have. I embossed in copper powder.

I used small and one larger square of Stampbord, inked with green ink. I edged the tiles with a black marker pen. When fully dry I then embossed in more copper powder. I positioned all the tiles onto the background, added large square brads to the layout and matted the whole thing on a black 6 x 6 card.

Hope you are enjoying the amazing artwork from the team.



  1. Thanks for the tip about Black Perfect Medium. I love the way you have built on the geometric patternind of the stamp for your design. The copper & green combination is particularly striking & made me think of how it happens naturally too when you get that sort of encrustation on copper piping - it adds a whole dynamic organic element (by association - but perhaps that's just my wonky brain!) to this. Love the way you've used square shapes to contrast with the ovate patterning.
    Paula (PEP)

  2. love the tip about the perfect medium - didn't know it came in black as well as clear! Copper almost looks purple in the pic, gorgeous effect

  3. Lovely Elaine thanks for the tip on Perfect Medium Like the others I didn't know it came in black. Love the Green and copper and those texture stamps are fantastic. Suexxx


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