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Wednesday 7 September 2022

Leafy Frame (by Linda)

Hello Chocolate Baroque fans, welcome to my first ever blog for anyone!

I am a Guest Designer, shrieked quite a lot when Lesley phoned to invite me, but loving it.

Briefly, I have been a "creator" since able to hold a pencil, and a fan/customer of Chocolate Baroque for over twenty five years. I can confirm that the stamps I bought all those years ago are still as fab as the day I got them.

This is a sample using the From Nature 2 stamps featured on the August Create and Craft show. It is actually a simple frame that can be adapted to any picture, the stamps are so beautifully designed they are great to cut out. As skeleton leaves, if you do wobble a bit when cutting it really adds to the natural  look of the leaf, great design Lesley and Judith!!

I placed my picture on the card and lightly drew around it with a pencil to make positioning the stamps easy. I then stamped the centre edge ones first with Versamark Ink and put gold embossing powder on. Then I stamped the corner ones using leaf stamps that fited and put a different shade of powder on. Heat gun time. You may want to emboss as you go along.

When cool, I used a craft knife to cut around the edges of the leaves. Rub out the pencil lines, gently bend the leaves forwards and tuck the photo in.

This is Lottie, a rescue cat who was quite a challenge! Indeed, we had to warn the neighbours about her behaviour, but it became clear she had a tough time before coming to us. Now she has learned to love humans again. Indeed, one neighbour keeps treats just for her. Almost a little darling, a few tail twitches and swipes to keep us all on our toes!!

Thanks for stopping by,

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