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Thursday, 24 April 2014

FABulous new stamps Dahling!

I know there's still a week to go, but we're launching our May stamp of the month today, Fabulous Flappers as well as two gorgeous Art Nouveau inspired sets too.

Meet the Fabulous Flappers - they come as an A4 set:

then we have Fleurs Nouveau
and Nouveau Lovebirds

Apologies to anyone French at this point for savaging your language.  I'm pretty sure fleurs are feminine (not to mention plural) and the pairing with nouveau is no doubt causing some hands to be thrown up in horror, but I'll claim artistic license - it's simply a reference to the Art Nouveau style. 

As always, we have put them on the website at introductory prices until the end of May, and there is a multi-buy for the two Nouveau sets as well.

The girls start blogging artwork with these stamps from tomorrow, so you're in for a real treat. 

If you're new to the blog, you might be interested to know that each month we give away a Chocolate Baroque gift voucher to one person drawn from all the commenters, so it's always worth leaving a little message of appreciation or encouragement.  Shirley will be announcing the winner in the first week or so of May.

The image you saw at the start is a work in progress.  I've coloured each lady using watercolour and a touch of coloured pencil, but they're currently sitting on my craft table waiting for assembly into some kind of seasonal project.  I'm still not entirely sure what, but I coloured them to represent Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, so I'm thinking about some kind of book maybe.  Click on the image for a closer look.

Have a great weekend and watch out for some great guest posts coming up later this month.


  1. I fell in love with these super new stamps the moment I saw them. So I ordered and they're on their way. Can't wait.

    Sue xx

  2. Oh what a temptress you are! These are amazingly beautiful stamps, and you know that I just have to order all of them. Thanks for the introductory offer, it's much appreciated x

  3. It is so worse for my wallet all those beautiful new stamps....

  4. Fleurs is indeed feminin so it could be art nouveau fleurs, as they manage to massacre our language I am sure we can do the same to theirs though!

    Delightful set of stamps this month and I'm starting to save my pennies :-)


  5. these are going to be a must have Glenda .... I'm never going to have any money lol! Hugs rachel x

  6. Fabulous new stamps Glenda
    Jackie x

  7. Lovely to see your WIP ladies - I love winter for she looks like she is wearing fur trimmed velvet (faux fur that is). A very interesting set of images spread throughout the stamp plates with a lovely mix of solid & outline images. I love those little stamps in both the Nouveau set & the Lovebirds' main image plays lovely illusional tricks.
    Paula (PEP)

  8. As always beautiful new stamps Glenda! The ladies are so very chic! But I do absolutely adore both of the Nouveau stamp sets - gorgeous and will work for so many different occasions. Looking forward to seeing what you talented ladies create with these. Have a lovely weekend Karen x

  9. These stamps are really lovely Glenda. The flappers are just so beautifully depicted and the accompanying sheets are so stylised and there is a nice mix of silhouette and open stamps which is just what we stampers need. Both plates have a nice pair of birds but it's funny on first glance how the birds melt into the design and look like beautiful flowers.


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