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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Chocolate Baroque Reader's Gallery

Hello everyone, it is time for our monthly look at some of your wonderful artwork, taking a break from the Design Team inspiration for just a day. We have been scouring the Chocolate Baroque Facebook Group, Pinterest, and Blogland, to look for examples of your creativity using Chocolate Baroque stamps, and would like to share a few of those projects in our blog post today.

Seen on the Chocolate Baroque Facebook Group:

Jan Martin has been creating some beautiful Christmas cards with our Big Bold Background stamps:

Linda McCormick has made some wonderful Brusho tags:

Next up is a pretty card from Denise Wrighton:
Kate Currie's pretty pink card caught our eye:
Lesley has used a piece of acrylic painted masterboard as a starting point for her project:
Diny Sprakel has created a lovely floral card with a clear magnolia stamp:
Ballie has used one of our floral stamps in conjunction with a mixture of several others to create a fabulous collage style card:

Brenda's lovely scenic card uses clever masking for her background to create hills and the sky.
We hope that you have enjoyed the selection of cards that we have found for you this month, we love to see what you have all been creating. We hope that you will be inspired by the variety of projects that are being showcased this month. We would love to share more of your artwork each month. If you would like to forward your photos directly to us because you do not have a blog or access to the Facebook Group, then please email a good quality photograph to Lesley on  and we can then include the pictures in the blog post as inspiration for others.

We will be back next month with another post, please keep posting photos of your artwork, and sharing your creativity.


  1. Wow: I so love the diversity!

  2. Thanks for including my card along side these wonderful creations, Kate x

  3. Great selection and thanks for Judith. x

    1. Sorry, that should have been thanks for showing! x

  4. I love, love, LOVE everything! Fantastic cards. :)


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