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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

baroque ornaments and PVA

I remembered seeing a card on FB by Doreen Sympson last year that used a technique with PVA on stamps - I did try it, but wasn't too happy with the result at the time.
I decided to try again, but this time I used very cheap PVA instead of the decent stuff, and was much happier with the results.
Basically, lay the stamp face upwards, and cover with PVA glue - you need enough to cover the image, but not enough to give a thick coat.
I sprinkled brusho powders over the glue as well, and left them to spread.
Once the glue is dry - will take several hours - carefully peel off from the stamp and trim if necessary. Two of my pieces were trimmed down considerably because the edges weren't thick enough to hold together when I peeled the set glue off the stamp -still, they made nice flowers!
 I added some silver rub-on wax to highlight the design, stamped the leaves and sentiment from the bold blooms set and added my PVA pieces.
A spare piece went onto the cover of a small notebook, with a piece of leftover brusho card as background


  1. WOW - will have to give that a try xxx

  2. Stunning, an interesting technique will have to have a go a this.

    Sue xx

  3. What gorgeous flowers and a fabulous technique, gorgeous colours, Kate x

  4. I wonder who first had the nerve to cover their precious stamp with glue! Looks like something I have to try though, thanks - it's gorgeous.

    1. Lynnda Worsnop had the initial idea, try checking Oak house studio page

  5. oh my word - this is so pretty - love it xx

  6. Wow!!! Fabulous design on this card and notebook, I adore this!
    Using a fun and great technique too, thank you Veronica! Coco x

  7. Gorgeous flowers made with the PVA glue Veronica. I would be quite worried about smearing glue on these lovely stamps but it obviously works well. x

  8. Wow what a great idea, must give this a try.
    Stunning results.

  9. I like it a lot but I'll still try with my least loved stamp to start with.😊 love your flower colours.

  10. What a great result! Have to try this one soon... :)


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