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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Cheery Flowerhead Top (by Anne)

Good morning. Today I am sharing a stamped and coloured T shirt top using the gorgeous Flowerhead stamps and alcohol ink pens to colour. I had ruined this top while cooking a curry and couldn’t get rid of tiny yellow stains splashed across the front. Now you would never know that they are there.

I hope that you like this fun project. We need some summery florals to brighten up these darker winter days.


  • Flowerhead stamps (Mesh Centre, Daisy Ring and Dotty Centre), Leaf from Tall Trees stamp set
  • Dye based inkpads suitable for fabric (black and dark blue)
  • Alcohol ink pens (citrus greens, yellow, pinks, orange, greenish blues and turquoise)

 How to do it:
  1. Wash and dry the item thoroughly and do not use conditioner.
  2. Place some scrap paper under the shirt to absorb any ink that may bleed through. Stamp the Flowerheads with black ink and the leaves in blue ink.
  3. Colour the images with alcohol ink pens. Note: it is not possible to get controlled colouring and blending as the ink instantly sucks into the fabric. I used absorbent cartridge paper underneath to take up the excess ink (keep the stained paper to create backgrounds on your cards – it looks quite pretty). I used the lighter more transparent colours for the main colour fill (so as not to obscure the stamp detail), then added accent shading with the darker colours.
  4. Leave overnight for the inks to ‘set’ into the fabric. Iron fix with a dry iron (at the hottest setting that your fabric will tolerate) to make the images and colouring permanent and washable.
Anne x.


  1. That looks great and does me long for the warmer sunny days of summer :)

  2. Anne thisis is so lovely and what a super job done, will be lovely to wear in the summer, Kate x

  3. Oh this is beautiful . Thanks

  4. What a good idea. These flowers are wonderfuL

  5. What a great idea Anne and the finished result is wonderful! You would never think that this had been stamped and coloured! x

  6. this looks fantastic Anne - a lot of work, but a really original top now

  7. This is stunning, what a great 'save'!

  8. stunning work Anne - this is wonderful xx

  9. Fab idea Anne and excellent how to. Roll on Spring is my cry ;-).

    Lesley Xx


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