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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Light in this cruel world

Today, I propose a card to all the victims of the attacks. A light in this cruel world. A light to say that we will change nothing. We must live with threats, certainly, but live standing in the light. Live, laugh, sing, listen to music, dance, have a drink at an outdoor cafe and believe in a peaceful world.

Aujourd'hui je vous propose une carte pour toutes les victimes des attentats. Une lumière dans ce monde cruel. Une lumière pour dire que nous ne changerons rien. Nous devons vivre avec les menaces, certes, mais vivre debout dans la lumière. Vivre, rire, chanter, aller au concert, danser, boire un verre à la terrasse d'un café et croire à un monde de paix.

I love this stamp. Yes it is not one of the last Chocolate Baroque stamp. But it is soothing.
J'aime ce tampon. Oui, ce n'est pas un des derniers de CB. Mais il est apaisant.

Thanks for your all messages.
Merci pour tous vos messages.



  1. A beautiful card Dominike, great use of the stencil against the lovely image, and the use of yellow to symbolise light spreading through the image.
    Beautiful words too, all the more special and poignant to see them written in French and English here, thank you for that, my friend.

    Judith xx

  2. A fantastic image Dominike. Very clever design and thoughtful words. Peace is definatley on my wish list.....
    Julie x

  3. Beautiful Dominike and the message behind even more! Great work, xxMiranda

  4. Hello Dominike, what a beautiful card, and fitting tribute to what has happened in Paris, and you're right we must continue to stand in the light, Kate x

  5. This is a great message to send out Dominike after such a tragic event. I love the symbolism you have got into this piece. x

  6. an amazing piece with a great message - big hugs to you xx

  7. Lovely, and a very thoughtful message.

  8. Wonderful tribute Dominique, thinking of you all over the pond, take care xx Zoe xx

  9. Something else this card! Love the sunny colours!

  10. Really meaningful and quite stunning card and beautiful words from you Dominique! Thinking of you all.

    Lesley Xx


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